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This website has been created for Eclectus Parrots and their care givers and Eclectus lovers to learn as much as they can about these wonderful birds. The information given in this site is based on research, experiences, and of course trial and errors. It will also contain other member information from their personal experiences and knowledge. This is not a breeder website. I have spent 9 years doing extensive research in Eclectus Parrots so I am able to provide the Eclectus enthusiasts with information they may like to or need to know in their basic care and needs and particularly in their dieting. I am always research so information in this website is always up to date. I have also taken a very keen interest in pure subspecies identification and different colouration of the Eclectus.

The groups hot topics are subspecies identification, spotlighting specific subspecies of Eclectus, diets, and the move ahead to DNA testing for the purity of subspecies. And of course we have a lot of fun in the group! Lots of pictures and videos.

But for whatever reason you are here today, please enjoy my website.  It is a website for the every day Eclectus enthusiast.

Links to the left are basic Eclectus Information. Links

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Parrot Enrichment Facebook group is all about educating about getting your parrot back to as natural as you possibly can lifestyle within your home. Anyone is welcome. Sales are not permitted.

Eclectus Forum our original forum, is still open to view contents, questions, information. It is no longer open to registrations. We now follow on from the forum to a  Facebook group as requested and preferred by our members. You can find our link to Facebook at the bottom  of this page.


Eclectus Parrots Facebook group is all about educating in information on dieting, caring for, sub species identification. Anyone is welcome. Sales are not permitted. PLEASE NOTE. This Facebook Group is the only group affiated with this website. Any other Eclectus Parrot Groups on Facebook do not have any affiliation with this website. If you see an image/logo within another group that is from this website, it is because they have taken one of our pictures or from Google Images.


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Basic Information 
Sub Species ID
Settling In Your Bird
Hand rearing For Bonding
Weaning and Weights
Elmo’s Story
Loki’s Story
Healthy Eclectus
Feather Destruction
Toe Tapping / Wing Flipping
Eclectus Moults
Toilet Training
Getting Back To Nature
First Aid 
Lead Poisoning
Styptic Powder
Holistic Care
Eclectus Names
Adoption Stories

What you need to know about keeping your birds cool, comfortable and healthy during summer and heat waves.

Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus licensing is required in

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