The Veterinary Surgery32 West Hill

Portishead,Bristol BS20 9LNJ R and R E Best BVSC, MRCVS

Tel: 01275-847400

Veterinary Group32 Zetland Road

Redland,Bristol BS6 7AB

Ian Calvert MRCVS BSc BVSC (Member Association Avian Veterinarians, British Veterinary Zoological Society)

(24 hour emergency service, in-house laboratory, lsoflurane anaesthesia, respirometer, endoscopy, electrosurgery, sexing, microchipping, avian dietary supplements)

Tel: 01 17 944 51 11 Fax: 0117 924 3387


Scott & Partners

49 Howbury Street, Bedford.MK40 3QU

Tel: 01234 261622 (Surgical sexing)


Avian and Exotic ,Veterinary Centre

KelperL and Veterinary Group, Ascot Road, Touchen End

Maidenhead. SL6 3LA

Stephen W. Cooke, BVSC, MRCVS

(Referral unit specialising in avian and exotic patients. All aspects of avian veterinary medicine and surgery)

Tel: 01628 24935 or 37714Fax: 01628 38613

Veterinary Clinic

2 Essex Street, Wash Common, Newbury RG14 6QN C N Gorman MRCVS

Tel: 01635-46565


John Grieve and Associates89a Cherryhinton Road

Cambridge CB I 4BS

Mrs Jill Pearson MRCVS(Endoscopic sexing)

Tel. 01223-249331

Veterinary Hospital158 Broadway

Peterborough,Cambs PE] 4DG

Jonathan Newman MA, VetMB, MRCVS

(DNA sexing, virus testing, healthscreens, endoscopoy, avian supplements, in-house laboratory)


Birchheath Veterinary ClinicBirchheath Road

Tarporley,Cheshire CW6 9UU

Michael Stanford BVSC,MRCVS (Endoscopic sexing)

Tel: 01829-733777

Cranmore Veterinary Centre

140 Chester Road

Childer Tbornton, L66 I QN

Brian H Coles BVSC, MRCVS

Tel: 0151 339 9141

Branch Surgery: Dee View VeterinarySurgery

Parkgate Road, Neston, South Wirral L64 6QE

Tel: 0151 336 2077


The Veterinary Surgery

Fairpark Road, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 7NT

G and P J Nute BVSC, MRCVS (Endoscopic sexing)

Tel: 01208-813258

Head and Head

The Veterinary Centre Water-Ma-Trout

Helston, Cornwall.

Paul Riley BVM&S, MCRVS.

Tel: 01326 572216


Hair, Beaumont & Partners Hill House

74 Fore Street, Totnes TQ9 5SN

Colin E Hair BVMS, MRCVS

Tel: 01803-862142

H.M. Thresher, B.V.Sc MRCVS

Veterinary Clinic

108 High Street, Crediton EX17 3LF

Tel: 01363 772539

also at -4 Bridge Street

Tiverton, EX 16 5LY

(24-hour emergency service, DNA sexing,Vetark range of vitamins and minerals, Kaytee Exact nutrition)

Tel: 018M 257864


Michael Griffith

Jubilee Veterinary Centre

3 Jubilee Road

Newtownards, DOWN

tel 02891812226 email jubileecentre@dnet.co.uk

DNA Sexing, Range of Supplements, all exotics welcome


M P C Lawton

12 Fitzilian Avenue, Harold Wood. RM3 OQS

Mr M P C Lawton B.Vet.Med.

Cert.V.Ophthal, Cert.LAS., FI.Biol., FRCVS

Stephen J. Divers B.Sc (Hons),

B.Vet.Med, C.Biol, M-1-Biol, MRCVS.

Lynne C. Stoakes, B.Vet.Med, MRCVS

(Isoflurane anaesthesia, radiography & ultrasonography, flexible & rigid endoscopy, operating microscopes ,microsurgery, radiosurgery,blood testing, faecal analysis,

computerised practice, staff trained in exotic animal nursing. Dedicated exotic animal ward with purpose built hospital.)

Tel: 01708-384444

Colne Valley Veterinary Practice

81 Military Road, Colchester, Essex CO1 2AP

Mr B. Bennett BVM&S MRCVS

Extensive avian diagnostic and surgical facilities, surgical sexing, nutritional, behavioural and husbandry advice.

Tel: 01206 794695

South Beech Veterinary Surgery

40 Southend Road, Wickford, Essex. SSI1 8DU

Dr Ad Malley Ba, Mvb, Mrcvs (surgical sexing)

Avian diagnostics including endoscopy, radiology,in-house lab & hospitalization Vetark range,

Tel: 01268 560660

For more lists of Avian Vets you can visit The Association of Avian Veterinarians website and search using your postcode, suburb or country to find an avian vet in your area or closest to you.

UK Avian Vets


Lansdown Veterinary Surgeons

The Clockhouse,Veterinary Hospital, Wallbridge, Stroud

Glos GL5 3JD Neil A Forbes, BVetMed, MRCVS RCVS

Consultant, Zoo & Wildlife Medicine - AVIAN) Greg N Simpson BVSC, MRCVS.

Tel: 01453 752555

Gloucester Laboratories(Veterinary) Ltd

St Oswald's Road, (Cattle Market) Gloucester GLI 2SJ

Mr R W Blowey Bsc ,BVSc,MRCVS Mr G Stephens BVSC, MRCVS

(This is a veterinary diagnostic laboratory)

Veterinary Surgeons Backwalls

Stow-on-the-Wold, GL54 IDS

Mr R S Broadbent BVetMed, MRCVS

Tel: 01451 830620 Branch Surgeries:

Victoria Street, Bourton-on-the-Water- and -Farmington Road, Northleach


The Vet care Centres

Les Eturs Veterinary Clinic

Rue des Eturs,Catel GY5 7DT

John A. Knight, B.Vet.Med. MRCVS

(Exhibit/Zoo design, housing design and management)

Tel: 01481 57708 or 01481 52943 Fax: 0 1 481 51150


Zoo and Aquatic Veterinary Group Keanter

Stoke Charity Rd, Kings Worthy, Winchester, S023 7LS.

Peter W Scott MSc. BVSc. FRCVS

(RCVS Specialist in Zoo & Wildlife Medicine)

Dermod Malley FRCVS

(Avian medicine and surgery, isoflurane anaesthesia, microchipping, sexing, bloodtesting in house and full diagnostic facilities available. Vitamin & mineral supplements:

Vetark range)

Tel: 01962 883895

Cedar Veterinary Group

Clifton Veterinary Surgery

Anstey Lane, Alton GU34 2RH

Mr CP Baxter BVetMed, MRCVS

Tel: 01420 82163

Branch Surgeries:

The Veterinary Surgery

New Farm Road, Alresford S0249QW

Tel: 01962 732535

Chawton End Branch Surgery, Winchester Road, Four Marks


The Shrubbery Veterinary Centre

65 Perry Street, Northfleet DA I I 8RD

Mr D Mason MRCVS

Viatmin & Mineral Supplements: Nutrobal

TEL: 01474 534891


Manchester Street Veterinary Surgery

Manchester Street, Oldham OL8 I UF

S.M.F. Jennings, BA, Vet. MB, MRCVS

(Vitamin and mineral supplement available. DNA sexing)

Tel: 0161 624 4596 (24hrs) 0161 620 9164 (office hrs)

The Veterinary Health Centre

19 Alexandra Road

St Antics, Lancashire

Siuna Whitehead BVMS, MRCVS

Tel: 01253 729309


Meadow Lane Veterinary Centre

9 Meadow Lane, Loughborough. LEI I I JU

B C Stockdale BVMS, MRCVS

(Endoscopic sexing. Vitamin and mineral supplements. Microchip implanting)

Tel: 01509-212437


KA Whitcomb

14 Portland Road WI I 4LM

Ms K A Whitcomb BVSC, MRCVS

(Vitamin and mineral supplements)

Tel: 0171 727-2204

The Surgery

346 Acton Lane

Acton, London W38NX

Chris Hall MRCVS

Tel: 0181 992 6000

also at.-15 Templesheen Road, Sheen, London. SW 14 7PY

Tel: 0181 876 9696 Fax: 01 81 878 6359

Ronald E Gardner -Veterinary Surgeons

655 High Road, Leyton EIO 6RA

W H Wildgoose MRCVS B Stenson MRCVS

(Endoseopic sexing, but DNA sexing encouraged)

Tel: 0181 539 3538, Office Hours: 0181 558 5828 Fax: 0 1 81 556 6261


Aidan Raftery MVB MRCVS BVZS and AAV Member

Ashleigh Veterinary Centre

221 UpperChorlton Road, Manchester M16 ODE

(Avian/exotic pet medicine/surgery, radiology, endoscopy, in-house laboratory and hospitalisation facilities, DNA sexing, ID chip implantation, Vetark supplements and

avian diets available)

Tel: 0161 881 6868


The Manderville Veterinary Hospital

15 Mandeville Road, Northolt UB55HD

Trevor Turner B.Vet.Med.Mrcvs (

full diagnostic & hospitalization facilities available, sexing, microchip implanting etc. )

Tel: 0181 8455677 Fax 0181 841 1173