Eclectus diets are different to that of any other parrot species. The Eclectus has a longer digestive tract and some can do poorly on seed or pellet diet. Diets high in pellets have been known to cause Eclectus parrots to have an overdose in vitamins which can result in feather destruction, toe tapping and unwanted behaviours such as screaming and aggression. Some Eclectus parrots are more sensitive to their diets than others. Coloured or artificial pellets

can also have an impact on some Eclectus health later on in their life.

It is recommended your Eclectus have at least an 80% natural soft food diet and 20% of everything else including treats, nuts, seed and pellets.

Eclectus parrots can eat up to 3 meals per day but many owners do feed only 2 meals per day. Eclectus are known to be grazers as well so you can also provide foraging foods in between their meal times. The Eclectus doesn't tend to become overweight eating like this if they’re given a healthy daily diet of fresh raw foods such as sprouts, fruit and veggies.

Some Foods Eclectus Eat In The Wild


Pandanus (screw pine)               

Nonda Plum

Red Beech

Grewia Papuana Burret




Micromelum Minutum

Dissiliaria Laxinervis


Nasturtium Tree

Syzygium Bamagenese (myrtle family)

Sarsaparilla Tree

Solitaire Palm

Livistona & Dicksonia Palms

Small-leaved Fire Vine

Crepe Myrtle


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I don’t recommend you give your Eclectus vitamin supplements unless specified by your avian vet. Offering added vitamin supplements  without knowing exactly what your Eclectus may or may not need could result in an overdose. If you feel your Eclectus is not eating properly you can put the occasional vitamin supplement in their food but you should see an avian vet to check everything is OK and check if you do need the vitamin sups on a more regular basis.

If your Eclectus eats pellets you should not offer vitamin supplements at all. Pellets are already high in vitamins and minerals and adding extras could do more harm than good.

Eclectus parrots don’t need to be fed egg on a regular basis. Egg has been said to cause extremely high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis which can result in an early death. Egg is also a complete protein. egg can safely be offered approximately once a month to a single adult

A breeding, fledging or Eclectus going through a heavy moult or plucking can have a little more egg than during these times.

These are just some of the plants that Eclectus parrots have been recorded to eat in the wild. They may eat all parts or only certain parts of the plant, fruit, nuts, leaves, seeds.

Wild Eclectus parrots also eat seed producing grasses however they prefer seeds from fruits most of the time. They've been noted as choosing red and orange colour fruits over other colours. These fruits are very high in vitamin A. On rare occasions they also fly to ground to forage for mineral salts

High complete proteins such as chicken, meat, fish and egg are not recommended for Eclectus parrots unless they feather pluck, are breeding, moulting or growing chicks. Any other time a high complete protein diet has been said to cause health issues. Eclectus parrots require a high incomplete (vegetable) protein diet, which can be found in most veggies, beans, legumes.

The dieting section of this website has been partly made based on what people have requested in it. It will cover a lot of foods and information specific to the Eclectus Parrot. While the Eclectus diet is simple and food lists can be basic, the lists I have provided are here as a guide for you to know the kinds of foods that are safe and can be offered to your Eclectus, should you come across them in a shop. The list doesn’t mean you must provide everything in it. It is just a reference and ideas to help you along.


Eclectus Diets

Also, while keeping it simple is good, you do also need to provide a reasonable

variety at the same time to prevent your Eclectus becoming bored with eating the

same foods.

These diet pages cover all information to help everyone with an Eclectus.

The Eclectus digestive tract being longer than usual means the food they eat takes longer to digest. This allows them to be able to absorb low nutrient foods better than any other parrot species, which is the reason said for them to do so well on natural raw food diets.

While some parrot owners swear by a seed and pellet diet, it does not mean it is a healthy or an ideal diet for them. Some Eclectus are said to appear fine and healthy while on these diets, but the long term effects can result in a shorter life span, sudden death or health problems as the Eclectus ages. If you choose to offer your parrot pellets make it only a very small part of their diets and choose 100% natural Eclectus specific pellets where you can.

Offering a sprouted mix daily can give your Eclectus most of the vitamins they need for the day. Sprouts can be bought or home made.

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